Investment Strategy

The primary investment objective of S.K.I. Capital Partners, LLC is growth of capital. The business of the firm is buying and selling securities, including stocks and options of US and non-US entities.

The firm employs an opportunistic strategy that will allow flexibility and optimal performance through the use of numerous hedging strategies. The trading strategies utilized by portfolio managers are comprised of a continuous assessment of the economic environment to isolate both positive and negative trends in sectors and industries, and the market as a whole with further identification of fundamental and technical strengths/weaknesses of each company relative to overall market performance. The investment selections are made on a company by company basis to determine optimal long or short positions.

The firm uses a four tiered approach to portfolio construction. Market conditions dictate the percentage allocation among the four tiers. The four tiers are classified as: Long Term Buys, Intermediate Term Buys, Short Term Buys, and Shorts.